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Heartwarming / Maximum Ride

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  • When Iggy breaks down after another failure when finding the Flock's parents and refuses to come with them after throwing a brick in a store's window and setting off the alarms in a fit of rage, Max stays behind to reassure him that the flock will ALWAYS be with him, no matter what. This moment shows why Max is the Team Mom of the group.
    Max: We're your family. We'll always be your family.
    Iggy:(with tears in his eyes)... I know.
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  • The Flock's reunion with Angel after their escape from the School.
  • In Saving the World, Max teaching Ari how to write his name in the dirt while stuck inside a dungeon together. Also followed by them having a genuine heart-to-heart talk and finishing with hugs. Which makes what happens later even more heartbreaking....