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Trivia / Living in Oblivion

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  • Doing It for the Art: The film was rejected by all producers. Tom DiCillo didn't want to beg people for money to make this film, so he asked his actors if they would work for free. All of them agreed and most of them even put up money themselves. Eventually anybody who contributed a few dollars got a part in the movie.
  • Reality Subtext: Peter Dinklage's film career had stalled for quite a while due to his refusal to accept the cliched roles offered to dwarf actors. In his first movie he plays a dwarf actor complaining about the same thing.
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  • What Could Have Been: Brad Pitt was supposed to play Chad Palomino, until a scheduling conflict with Legends of the Fall forced him to drop out and be replaced by James Le Gros.
  • Write What You Know: Tom DiCillo got inspiration for the film from the frustrations he experienced when making the film Johnny Suede, and his long struggle to make his next intended film, Box of Moonlight.


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