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  • Black Sheep Hit: While not their hit, per se, people who first heard "That's Why They Call It a Union" (which sounds like a regular punk song) in Tony Hawk's Underground 2 were likely disappointed that most of their catalogue is ska-punk.
  • Creator Backlash: The band members have stated that they were dissatisfied with how In with the Out Crowd ended up, claiming that the final product was much more softer than they intended.
  • No Export for You: Live From Uranus was actually recorded at the Water Street Music Hall in Rochester, New York in during the Race Around Uranus Tour in 1997. However, the record only came out in Japan.
    • Losing Streak has "Mixology of Tom Collins" and the album namer "Losing Streak", both of which only appeared on the Japanese releases (and were later featured in Goodbye Blue & White). The international releases did not feature these songs.
  • No-Hit Wonder: They haven't had a song that lifted them to mainstream media, although their song "Look What Happened" and their album Anthem put them on the spotlight for more punk fans. Their guitarist Chris provides the page quote.
  • Official Fan-Submitted Content: Subverted in their video for "My Money Is on the Long Shot", since the people who submitted it were fans... But they were also their friends from other bands.
    • The cover from In With the Out Crowd has a collage of photos submitted by fans with the band hidden among them.
  • Vinnie is one of the original founders of Fueled by Ramen Records, which would catapult Fall Out Boy, Panic! at the Disco, and Paramore to international fame. However, by that time, he had left the label and created Sleep It Off Records for Less Than Jake's releases and the art and music label Paper + Plastick.

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