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Trivia / Kingdom of Loathing

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  • Creator Backlash: The Money-Making Game was the only part of the game Jick ever held open hatred for, due to the problems it caused — all the way up to the worst MMG addicts committing credit card fraud to keep playing it. An update in 2015 replaced all the fun Flavor Text with reminders that playing the MMG is a bad idea, and eventually it was removed entirely in 2019.
  • Dummied Out:
    • As detailed in the June 16, 2016 radio show, each monster has a field for some kind of bonus when fighting them, unlocked by learning all three of their Monster Manuel factoids, a la BioShock and its research camera. However, Jick decided it was just way too much work to come up with a clever research bonus for every monster, so they've all been left blank.
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    • The LT&T Telegram IotM content included a series of equippable cans of beans, which could be converted into edible plates of beans. The "Plate of Val-U Brand Every Bean Salad" has no corresponding can item. note  While there is a conspicuous gap in the item numbers that is presumably it, there's no way to confirm this without someone obtaining the item, and nobody has found any way to do that.
  • The Wiki Rule: The KoL Wiki, which covers many things from throughout the game's history.
  • Urban Legend of Zelda: Persistent rumours regarding the Lord British Postulate about killing The Hermit, an NPC "shopkeeper". Eventually ascended with the Deck of Every Card; one card lets you fight the Hermit... as a Hopeless Boss Fight.
  • Word of God: The kingdom's creators have their own radio show/podcast where they answer questions from players and supply "narrative justification" which may not always make sense. At all. Some examples:
    • Nothing ever dies, you just beat them up. Where do the skins/corpses you find come from? They carry them around of course!
    • Also, you shouldn't feel bad about smashing turtles, you send them straight to turtle heaven, they even send back powder as a thank you. Later changed to the turtles high-tailing it out when they see they're about to be smashed, the the powder is what chipped off when they got the slightest bit grazed because the first explanation contradicted the "nothing dies" one.
    • The reason most artwork isn't animated is because the kingdom's sun removes animation, just look at the (fully animated) sea!
    • The "Distant Lands" have been mentioned in passing several times in various adventures, but the creators have said on the weekly radio show that player will never be able to visit them. Even though you actually can visit parts of the Distant lands when going on vacation at The Shore, the creators say that doesn't count.