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Trivia / Kid Rock

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  • Black Sheep Hit: "Picture" (a duet with Sheryl Crow) and "All Summer Long" both became crossover hits on the Country Music format.
  • Fountain of Expies: If any show needs a white hip-hop artist, it will either be a clone of him or Eminem.
  • He Also Did: Co-wrote "The Shame of Life" for Butthole Surfers.
  • What Could Have Been: Kid Rock's fifth major record label album was originally titled Kid Rock's American Circus and would have consisted of three discs: one disc devoted to country, one disc devoted to rock and roll, and one disc devoted to hip-hop. The album also would have featured several guest musicians such as James Hetfield from Metallica. Ultimately the idea was scrapped because Kid Rock felt that making a three-disc album would have been "too pretentious."


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