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  • The Other Marty: Since the show was made in Belgium, two versions of the show were released. The original Flemish version "Kabouter Plop" and a Walloon version called "Lutin Plop" in 2007. The entire cast were played by different actors in the Walloon version. As a result some of the episodes had to be re-shot. Starting October 2017, the series got dubbed over the original Flemish language episodes and songs.
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  • Cash Cow Franchise: One of Studio 100's most popular shows along with Samson En Gert and tons of merchandise related to the show can be found everywhere in Belgium. "Plop Koeken Biscuts" which features the characters on cookies have also become a popular treat with children.
  • Dub Name Change: Due to Belgium containing two separate languages. The main characters (Except Plop) got their names changed in the Flemish and Wallonia versions of the show.
    • Kwebbel (Pipolette)
    • Klus (Bric)
    • Lui (Dordebou)
  • Milestone Celebration: In honor of the 20th anniversary of the franchise in 2017. Studio 100 and music group Baba Yega collaborated to make a second remix of ''Kabouterdans" which features Plop, Kwebbel, Klus and Smal dancing with the group.
  • The Merch: Like Samson and Gert, the series has gotten a lot of merchandise found everywhere in Belgium from cookies to coloring books.
  • Recycled Script: The Wallonian version reuses of the series has some episodes re-shot.
  • You Look Familiar: Peter Thyssen, a Belgian actor who's done a lot of work for Studio 100, has had no less than four different roles in the plays. He has, however, not been in the TV-show nor any of the movies.

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