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Trivia / Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II

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  • Contrary to the popular belief, Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II was not the first Star Wars game to utilize Full Motion Video cutscenes. That honor goes to the second installment in the Rebel Assault series, where the technique was utilized much more frequently.
  • It was also not, as is often claimed, the first Star Wars game to introduce lightsabers as weapons (it was, however, when it comes to using the Force as well as the ability to choose between the light and dark sides of it). The history of usable lightsabers in Star Wars video games began with Jedi Arena, released for Atari 2600 in 1983.
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  • It is the only entry in the Dark Forces Saga not to feature any characters or locations known from the movies.
  • What Could Have Been: Not using FMV cutscenes for the expansion pack was a decision made due to the tight development schedule. Otherwise, the developer would have been happy to use those.

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