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Quotes / Jedi Knight: Dark Forces II

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With the Force there are two paths — good and evil — one may take, nothing in-between. One leads to a full life, no matter the years. Justice, knowledge and compassion are both endeavors and rewards. The other is most assuredly a short path that leads to untamed power. With nothing to earn, it leads to a certain solitary end. One should choose wisely.
Qu Rahn


    Opening Crawl 
Since the destruction of
the second DEATH STAR, the
Rebel Alliance has begun the
difficult process of building
the New Republic.

Seizing the opportunity for
control of the galaxy, new
rival armies arise. The most
dangerous of these are the
DARK JEDI. Their leader,
JEREC, seeks the legendary

Within this lost battleground
he will find untold power to
destroy peace and justice in
the galaxy...


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