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  • Breakthrough Hit: Although they had some modest hits in the past ("bloodstains" comes to mind), it was "money machine" (which made its debut in a virtual festival within a Minecraft server, before being placed in their debut album 1000 gecs) that broke out and went viral, catapulting their success even further, and gaining a huge following as a result.
  • Doing It for the Art: This is why they make the stuff they're making.
  • He Also Did:
    • Laura releases some solo music when she has the time (originally under the name Osno1)
    • Dylan was already an established producer in the SoundCloud sphere when he formed the duo
  • Newbie Boom: They're part of a handful of artists that introduced listeners to the "hyperpop" movement (including the likes of Charli XCX).
  • The Red Stapler: A variant; the tree featured on the cover of 1000 gecs — an evergreen on the perimeter of a manufacturing campus in Des Plaines, IL — has become not only a pilgrimage destination for fans of the band but a physical landmark of the wider hyperpop movement the band is a part of. Following the leaking of the tree's coordinates, visits ensued en masse for fans to take pictures and leave paraphernalia in the spirit of the album (plastic recorders, mini Care Bears toys, acrylic nails, a winged cherub with a Hatsune Miku pin, etc.). Visits reportedly grew so frequent that security guards were enlisted to limit the amount of time people could spend there.

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