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  • Doing It for the Art: The sheer level of detail and thought that went into every single page of this book marks it out as a triumphant example of the trope. According to one interview, Danielewski spent ten years writing the thing, spending about ten hours writing each day. Consider the footnotes, alone. Most of them are bogus entries... but the sources are not. So even if the footnote that quotes "New Perspectives Quarterly" isn't a real article, the magazine is.
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  • No Adaptations Allowed: Mark Z. Danielewski has refused all offers of adapting the book, as by necessity it would have to discard the multiple layers of the Nested Story that's told through the footnotes, appendices, and bizarre formatting that make it such a compelling Scrapbook Story. In addition, most offers apparently only envision adapting the most straightforward of the book's elements—Navidson's story—and ignore the fact that it would make far less of an impact without Johnny, Zampanò, and all the other layers. Netflix did want to do an adaptation of the book with Danielewski, but the plans fell through. Danielewski decided to just release the PDF of the planned pilot screenplay.
  • Word of God: The colour blue is used in a manner analogous to Chroma Key. Start scratching your heads, folks...


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