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  • Navidson's high-flying acrobatic skills as the house freaks the fuck out, almost devouring Reston. "And all that with a messed up shoulder," indeed.
  • Two from Tom:
    • First, Navidson needs him to go to the bottom of the staircase and carry up Jed and Wax, but he freaks out and can't. We cut to Navidson, who realizes that Tom isn't showing up. He says that's what Tom does: he lets you down. About a second later, the end of a rope hits the ground next to him.
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    • Later on, when the house has started to attack the family, Tom performs a Heroic Sacrifice and saves Daisy's life at the cost of his own, in a terrifying sequence.
  • Lude kneeing Gdansk man in the 'nards. Felt cathartic after he'd brutalized poor Johnny.
  • Doubling as a Heartwarming Moment: Karen walking into the bowels of the house and rescuing Navidson as he is trapped and waiting for death. Made especially awesome by the fact that she has crippling claustrophobia and does it anyway.

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