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  • Hunter S. Thompson's cameo in the chapter in which Karen asks the help of personas.
    • "(Your film) It's well... one thing in two words: fucked up... very fucked up."
  • Some of the cited sources are hilarious. Walter Joseph Adeltine, "Crap," New Perspectives Quarterly, v. 11...
    • Also, the fact that the only supposed reviewer who, when asked to verify his alleged review, seemed curious about seeing the actual house is (of course) Stephen King.
  • The end of The Navidson Record— you're expecting the final footnote, to which Zampanò devotes an entire page and its own symbol, to be something introspective or important. What you get is... Literal-Minded.
    The film runs out.
    A different kind of black.
    Followed by the name of the processing lab.*

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  • One of the random poems at the end is called "Melonology on a Melon". It was apparently written on a melon.
  • When Johnny mistakes the long S for an f, and subsequently writes all his "s"es as "f"s for a full page. Ftaires!
  • Tom's Story. The jokes.
  • When Johnny goes off on a tangent about one of the crushes he had, then interjects:
    ''Quick note here: If this crush-slash-swooning stuff is hard for you to stomach if you've never had a similar experience, then you should come to grips with the fact that you've got a TV dinner for a heart and might want to consider climbing inside a microwave and turning it on high for at least an hour, which if you do consider only goes to show what kind of idiot you truly are because microwaves are way too small for anyone, let alone you, to climb into.
    Quick second note: if that last paragraph didn't apply to you, you may skip it and proceed to this next part.''
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  • The book's various authors and editors having an argument over Bible verses in the footnotes:
    242: See Genesis 27:24
    243: Wrong. See Genesis 27:29
    244: Mr. Truant also appears to be in error. The correct reference is Genesis 25:27. —Ed.
  • There's something more subtly funny when Johnny is flipping the fuck out over Lude's death, and, in a fantastic understatement of his current mental state, says:
    Wow, not doing so well.

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