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Trivia / Hot Shots!

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  • Fake Nationality: Cary Elwes (English) does a damned good Val Kilmer (American).
  • No Export for You: Strangely, the Blu-ray got released in the U.K., Japan and Germany, but not the U.S., its country of origin. Zig-zagged, however, since Japan and the U.S. share a region code in the Blu-ray format, so it can be imported.
  • Technology Marches On: It is now actually possible in some countries to get your legs lengthened, though it's an expensive and painful procedure requiring physical therapy after it's done. It's certainly not something a U.S. citizen could do casually, though the joke still mostly works.
  • The aircraft used in the movie are British-designed Folland Gnats, ex Indian Air Force.
    • Ironically, given the movie's plot about discrediting American aircraft and buying foreign instead, these British aircraft flown by India became known as "Sabre-Slayers" after being successful against US-designed F-86 Sabres of the Pakistan Air Force in 1965 and 1971


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