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Trivia / Hitman 2: Silent Assassin

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  • Creator's Favorite Episode: David Bateson (the voice of 47) considers Silent Assassin to be his favorite game in the series.
  • Dummied Out:
    • Pre-release
      • The rosary beads in the ending were originally planned to be a substitute for the fiber wire throughout the game. It must have been cut late, as there's still a spot for it on the gun wall.
    • Early released versions
      • The posters in the India levels were based more on realistic religious themes in some early releases and were changed to more generic ones to avoid offending people.
      • Terminal Hospitality is based on a real life sikh holy site, and had an altar with weapons on it. Unfortunate Implications likely changed this.
      • Agent Smith originally referred the citizens as Towelheads; take a wild guess why it was removed.
      • Back in the Gontranno church, 47's weapon display has two spots that are never filled. From the outlines behind them, they seem to be the fiber wire and 47's rosary; both of which he has on him at all times. Also, if you use the 'all weapons' cheat, a cigarette lighter appears in your inventory.

  • Follow the Leader: By the end of the Japan assignment, you will have trekked through mountainous tundra, dodged snipers and dozens of anachronistic sci-fi ninjas, defeated the best laser security system money could buy, and infiltrated a massive fortress. The perk here, at least, is that you get to blow up a helicopter.
    • This is also the only Hitman where you can stow away in the back of trucks carrying boxes.


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