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Trivia / Grandia II

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  • Acting for Two: The developers were eager to get lots of mileage out of their (probably expensive) VA talent. The actors voiced three characters apiece, including the performers in Gonzola's circus troupe.
  • Cross-Dressing Voices: BJ Ward doing the voice of Roan.
  • Playing Against Type: The most obvious and cited example is Jodi Benson as Millenia, but Jennifer Hale, who generally plays Action Girl types, voices shy, proper Elena. And despite Benson being the better-known singer of the two, it's Elena who does the singing in-game. Kim Mai Guest, usually cast as The Heart of the ensemble, has a rare villainous turn as the game's religious nutter. ("God's light shall shine!!")
    • The rest of the cast, however, generally don't get pigeonholed, and most play multiple roles in the game's dub (Cam Clarke even does some Talking to Himself early on).
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  • Relationship Voice Actor: The cast shares a lot of voice actors with Metal Gear Solid, such as Cam Clarke, Paul Eiding, Jennifer Hale, Peter Lurie and Kim Mai Guest. This might have been a case of Follow the Leader as high quality video game dubs were uncommon at the time and Metal Gear Solid was an early exception. Incidentally, it also goes the other way around as John Cygan and Richard Doyle would provide voicework for later Metal Gear entries.


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