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Trivia / Garfield in: "Along Came a Splut"

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  • Accidentally Correct Writing: Doc Brown's Neck Snap not killing him is one of the few things that do make sense in the story; neck snaps are definitely lethal in real life, but they are usually not instant-kill attacks as they're usually portrayed in fiction.
  • Creator Backlash: Bagel Brain privately said to someone that he only wrote this story as a cheap joke, and was honestly shocked to find out it got its own trope page. He also said that he openly regretted its abrasive, needlessly mean spirited content (I.e. Abe Lincoln getting killed off) and said if he ever wrote a sequel (which he is unsure if he'll go through with) it would be to retroactively patch up it's faults and make it Lighter and Softer (such as bringing Abe back from the dead again and giving him a prominent badass role, or giving explanations or ret cons for the characters acting so callous and the stories general mind screwy nature) or just write a story that actually made sense. Eventually the author just deleted the story altogether.
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  • Missing Episode: The story was permanently deleted and wasn't backed up on the internet archive, and Bagel Brain says the original document for the story is lost.
  • Shown Their Work: The original method of making the hyperspace special effect in Star Wars is presented accurately, if arbitrarily, in the story.
  • What Could Have Been: An anecdote reveals that The Ugly Barnacle was meant to cameo.
  • Writing by the Seat of Your Pants: Bagel Brain also admitted that while the general idea was in his head for a while, the actual story was banged out in half an hour.


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