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Trivia / Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden

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  • Development Hell: Since Watase has been juggling several series at the same time, she only managed to publish 12 volumes throughout a whole decade.
  • Flip-Flop of God: Takiko's relationship with Suzuno Osugi a.k.a the future Byakko no Miko. First they were said to be best friends, later it was stated that they had only seen each other few times. Word of God settled the best of both statements via revealing Suzuno being the daughter of Einosuke Okuda's Number Two and Takiko's doomed first crush, Takao Osugi; with the two families being in a close relationship and the two girls being Childhood Friends (at least on Suzuno's part).
  • Personality Blood Types: Watase took a lot of care in aligning the Celestial Warrior's assigned Chinese constellations to their western constellations, also assigning blood types to further enhance their personalities.
    • Hikitsu: The first aligned Chinese constellation of Genbu, and is a Blood Type-A Sagittarius; which explains his Sugar-and-Ice Personality as being responsible, collected, patient, and cautious, yet is willing to take risks and fearless actions once he makes a decision upon evaluation, and has areas in expertise that he's passionate about.
    • Inami: Second aligned Chinese constellation of Genbu, a Blood Type-O Capricorn; gives her a well-rounded character who is sociable and reliable.
    • Uruki: Third aligned Chinese constellation of Genbu, a Blood Type-O Aquarius; he has his own ideals and prone to bad temper, so his teammates has to put in lots of effort to make him adapt into the group, but once adapted he becomes well-rounded and cooperative.
    • Tomite: Fourth aligned Chinese constellation of Genbu, and a Blood Type-B Aquarius. He's highly sociable, and is the mood maker of the team, but like Uruki, he's also short tempered, impatient, and brash; add to being born less than two weeks apart from Uruki, they end up budding their heads with each other the most.
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    • Urumiya: Fifth aligned Chinese constellation of Genbu, Blood Type-AB Aquarius. Their character sheet should be enough to tell their complex personalities.
    • Hatsui: Sixth aligned Chinese constellation of Genbu, and a Blood Type-A Pisces. He's highly cooperative, yet is very shy, indecisive, stutters a lot, and always opted to hide in his basket in times of distress.
    • Namame: The last Chinese constellation of Genbu, even though Watase never gave it a birthday, it's estimated western zodiac should align it to Pisces; giving it it's creative, witty, gentle nature with the love of participation.
    • For extra information, Takiko is a Type-O Virgo. As the Priestess of Genbu and fellow teammate, she works very hard in solving problems for Hokkan one step at a time, and gives it her all to make her warriors not only feel comfortable in working together, but also be considerate in each of her warriors' personal concerns to give each of them the assurance they need to foresee the future prosperity of their country with their contributions.
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  • Role Reprise: As of the Drama CD and Game franchise, Nobuyuki Hiyama and Tetsuya Iwanaga from their Fushigi Yuugi act are both back for Hikitsu and Tomite respectively.
  • Trolling Creator: Watase clearly took advantage on her Fushigi Yuugi readers by giving them one hell of an emotional roller-coaster.
    • First, Tomite was quickly introduced note  and knows Hikitsu by default, but it took way longer than anticipated to actually locate Hikitsu, which was 2 years in the waiting. note 
    • Once Tomite switched to his blue (aka. death) outfit, fans have never slept well with each published release until they could confirm his survival. ...And that alone lasted 8 years.
    • Flags really sunk in to prepare fans for the deaths of Tomite and Hikitsu once Hikitsu switched his light blue tribal clothes into the black uniform The Odozoku Tribe provided him. And somehow Watase made it a rather unsettling atmosphere to have Hikitsu not revealing his outfit on plain sight, showing only bits and pieces underneath his heavy winter cloak. ...Then again, things didn't happen until the second-to-last chapter of the entire story.
    • Things were hopeful for assuring the survival of Takiko, since Watase did confirm to fans that she pended on that issue for some time. Until one fateful day a close friend of Watase's passed away, which made her rethink the whole thing again, and eventually decided to stay on her old plan of dropping the bridge on Takiko and Einosuke. Leaving fans in utter disbelief.

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