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Heartwarming / Fushigi Yuugi: Genbu Kaiden

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  • Takiko and her father reconciling a bit when she first returns to her world. They both get to understand each other better, including Eisuke wanting to find the Shi Jin Ten Chi Sho to save his dying wife and he also apologizes for his words earlier.
    • The same chapter's final pages, when Takiko returns and admits to herself that she loves Uruki.
  • Ooikawa's helpfulness and devotion to Takiko after proposing to her, even upon learning that she is suffering from tuberculosis and could die soon.
  • Takiko choosing to return to the world inside the book despite her tuberculosis and knowledge of being devoured after summoning Genbu because she's not going there to die. She's going there to live with everyone.
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  • The final chapter in its entirety. Takiko dies, but rather peacefully in Limdo's arms. Hokkan's ice age has been averted, people have been healed, the Kutou army retreats and peace finally comes to the kingdom. Limdo is called to a cave and sees Hikitsu and Tomite's spirits, who swear to protect Takiko's necklace and Limdo lives his life to the fullest, dying only 100 years after the summoning. Then he and Takiko, after everyone has prayed for it for years, are reincarnated and finally reunited.
  • Uruki reuniting with his mother.
  • When the Kutou army is attacking the village where Takiko and the warriors are staying, Tomite attempts to shoot at Hagus, who easily knocks the arrows away. When he notices that they're about to hit a pair of children, he shields them from the arrows and orders them to run away. This becomes a lot more heartwarming when we discover his past.
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  • Soren's devotion to Uruki, to the point where he willingly died to save him, is one of the greatest parts of the series.

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