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  • Fan Nickname:
    • Blitz Markov is often shortened to Blitzkov.
    • Wasteland Maggie is usually shortened to Mad Mags in a shoutout to Mad Max.
    • Electro Griffin has been nicknamed Robogriff due to the resemblance to Robocop.
    • Renegade Abe is referred to as Renegabe.
    • A developer joked before Behemoth's name was confirmed that they should just call it Bob and the name stuck.
    • Glacial Behemoth is called Bobcicle in the fandom, derived from icicle and the original's nickname. It even appears on the launch page.
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    • The Elder Kraken variation is usually referred to as Kelder.
  • Stillborn Franchise: Prior to launch, Evolve was preemptively hyped up as one of the "Defining Games of The Eighth Generation of Console Video Games" and Publisher 2K-Games deemed it as one of their cornerstone franchises. Critical reception to the game ended up middling due to the game being a DLC vehicle, and commercial sells, while having a large opening, proved to be underwhelming over time. The playerbase for the game quickly dwindled and Turtle Rock's latter attempts to salvage it, by re-brandishing the game as a Free-to-Play on the PC, ultimately also fell short due to 2K pulling back support from it.
  • Troubled Production: As with Stillborn Franchise, the problem was exacerbated with balancing 4 players versus 1 being extremely hard to do, especially with wildly varying playstyles, all done by developers who had no experience with player-versus-player, but plenty of artistic knowledge and co-op experience. When the game first dropped, the developers were, for whatever reason, barred from making hot patches or minor updates to the game, which helped drive away players who found the content underwhelming. The developers also seriously disagreed with one of the monster types being hidden as pre-order bonuses.

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