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The hunt ends only two ways.
It's a Boss Game where the boss is a player too, of course it's going to be awesome.


  • Any trailer that revealed a monster is one by default. As bosses, player characters, and eldritch monstrosities, they get suitably dramatic reveals.
    • The Happy Hunting trailer, the first for the game. It's mostly atmospheric as it sets up the futuristic hunters on an alien world, trekking through the jungle in search of their quarry. Then said quarry reveals itself: the Goliath, hyperevolved murder machine and mascot of the game, in all its primal glory. And then you find out that you can play as that thing.
    • Release the Kraken. Much like the first trailer, it starts with the hunters exploring an environment until the monster appears, dropping out of the shadows of a cave. From that point on it's nothing but awesome as the Kraken tosses the hunters around like toys, the first real glimpse at monster combat every revealed.
    • The Stalker trailer. The Wraith acts like a horror movie monster, dragging one hunter away from the group and darting around in the treeline as it prepares to attack. And then when they finally think they drove it off and go to hunt it down, it reveals itself behind them.
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    • Behemoth's trailer is brief but it makes the most of it with a shot of the Behemoth rising out of the shadows. Griffin gets his own moment too for being completely unconcerned about the monster spraying embers in his face.
    • The Gorgon Cometh is a homage to old horror movies, coming on the tail of an excellent series of teases. A single animation of the creature, lightened with every new iteration until you can almost make out the details. And then we get our first good look as it drops down behind two unsuspecting colonists.
  • Cabot's Badass Boast in the Story Trailer, proving that it's not just the Monsters who can turn the tables in the hunt.
    Cabot: "Our prey is over two stories tall, heavily armored, and real ugly. They can breathe fire, fry your ass with lightning, and that's just the ones we know about. These things think they're at the top of the food chain. But they haven't met us."
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  • The Intro Cinematic. All the monsters had been revealed by then, so there's no dramatic reveal. What there is is the first and only cutscene of a Monster battle, and it is glorious.


  • The concept of the game itself. How many other games let you play as the boss in the boss battle?
  • Any time you kill a Stage 3 monster as the hunters or kill the hunters as a Stage 1 monster. Doing either of those means bucking the power dynamic of the game and decimating what should be a superior opponent through skill alone.
  • Any screenshot has a decent chance of being awesome. The game really evokes the sense of a few heroes against a tremendous beast, a futuristic version of the myths of old.
  • A feature since removed, depleting a hunter's health with a melee strike triggers an animation where the monster seizes them and throws them to the ground. Cool enough, but doing it in the right place in the right position lets you snatch hunters out of the air and hurtle them to the bottom of chasms or down cliff faces.


  • A definite villainous one for the Monsters. Before The Crew came along and managed to reveal them to the greater populace, they never needed more than one monster to destroy a world. They'd simply appear on the planet having bypassed all its defenses, slaughter every last human, and raze their creations to the ground, all so fast that no one got a chance to put out a distress call. Even Shear, one of the largest colonies and a century old, didn't take much more than a week to destroy.
  • Before the game, Markov was an orbital welder and a founder of a colony. When they uncovered valuable materials, a larger corporation sent mercenaries to clear them away and seize it for themselves. As they attacked, Markov decided he wouldn't take this lying down. When the dust cleared, the colonists were dead but so were their numerically and technologically superior foes. Markov was the sole survivor that day and he dedicated himself to ensuring that no other colony would fall like his.
  • The canonical ending to the Evacuation campaign. After five days of battle between the monsters and the human defense forces, it all comes down to the final battle. An Alpha Monster and its minions versus a team of hunters, battling over the fate of the evacuation transport. Despite the odds, the hunters triumph and defend the ship long enough for it to take off, in the process letting the last remaining FTL capable ship go and leaving them stranded.

Meta and Fanworks

  • The fact that, after all the backlash over its DLC model, it went free to play along with a host of other updates to make it easier for new players to get into the game.
  • One for the developers: when 2K announced that their contract wouldn't be renewed, they used the last few days before the IP was revoked to reveal all the lore that they had intended to trickle out in future updates. While it wasn't enough time to release the planned content, it was long enough to wrap up to story they'd hoped to tell.
  • Fans have made 3D models of not one but two pieces of concept art for Goliath.
  • Goliath as Mechagodzilla

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