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Assorted trivia


  • Breakup Breakout: After their departure from EXID, Yuji, Haeryung and Dami (Who dropped her stage name for her given name Hyeyeon) formed the group BESTie along with new recruit Dahye.
  • Can't Hold Her Liquor: According to the rest of the members, Hani gets drunk very easily.
  • Creator Cameo: Of sorts. Shinsadong Tiger has a cameo appearance drinking something next to a toilet in "Boredom Song."
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  • Dye Hard: Every member has changed their hair color at least once during the group's career.
  • Fan Community Nickname: LEGGO
  • Hey It's That Song!: A oft-used song for background music in ButBut TV is "Levan Polkka," also known as the song from the "Leekspin" meme.
  • Lyrical Dissonance: "Good" from their album Street is an upbeat, funky dance track...about a couple whose relationship is falling apart in spite of attempts to keep it looking good on the surface.
  • Meme Acknowledgment: Sometimes the girls will post viral pictures of themselves created by fans to their Instagram accounts.
  • Name's the Same: They have released a song called "Up & Down" twice, and the only similarity between the two is the title.
  • Production Posse: One of the CEOs of Wellmade Yedang Entertainment is renowned K-Pop producer Shinsadong Tiger. As a result, EXID members have shown up in other group's songs composed by him. For example, LE lent her rapping talents to T-ara's song "Sugar Free," and Solji contributed some of the vocals to Dal Shabet's song "Big Baby Baby."
  • Spell My Name with an "S":
    • 혜린 is romanized as either Hyerin or Hyelin. The Korean "ᄅ" character's pronunciation occupies a verbal gray area between the two letters.
    • Jeonghwa can be romanized as Junghwa.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • EXID's original lineup
    • Many of them were also active in Korean Music before EXID, mainly:
      • Before she joined EXID, Solji was originally in a group with Gabin, now a member of Blady, and also worked as a vocal coach.
      • LE was an underground rapper.
      • Hani was supposed to be in a group under JYP Entertainment with Hyolyn of SISTAR, Song Jieun of Secret and Uji of Bestie/EXID.
    • LE revealed a few versions of "Up & Down" that obviously didn't make it to the final cut in this video.

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