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Dal Shabet's lineup from 2012-2015. Clockwise, starting in top left: Subin, Woohee, Gaeun, Jiyul, Serri, Ahyoung

Dal Shabet is a four-member Korean Pop girl group founded in 2011. Performing under Happy Face Entertainment, they have won awards such as Best Newcomer Artist at the 2012 Golden Disk Awards. They are known for being fairly active, putting out 2-3 new singles and accompanying mini-albums yearly.


  • Woohee: Lead vocalist, main dancer

Former Members:

  • Viki: Ex-leader, main dancer, vocalist
  • Gaeun: Main rapper, vocalist
  • Jiyul: Vocalist, lead dancer, visuals
  • Subin: Main vocalist, maknae
  • Serri: Leader, lead vocalist, lead dancer, main rapper
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  • Ahyoung: Sub-vocalist, visual, lead rapper

    Dal Shabet's Discography 

Tropes Related to Dal Shabet:

  • Bank Robbery: A key plot point in the video for "Mr. Bang Bang."
  • Bare Your Midriff: As a girl group, this comes up quite frequently in their costumes.
  • Big Little Sister: Subin and Gaeun are the youngest in the group, but also the tallest.
  • The Cameo: They appear in an episode of the drama Dream High.
  • Cool Old Lady: The video for the remix of "Have Don't Have" takes place in a market, and features middle-aged Korean women wearing sunglasses, headphones and singing along with the song.
  • Darker and Edgier:
    • "Hit U", to the point where Jiyul mercilessly guns down five men, complete with pink "blood" effects.
    • "Someone Like You" has Serri, Subin, Ahyoung and Woohee surround a guy while armed with automatic weapons, dramatically cock their guns... And proceed to "shoot" confetti and streamers.
  • Determinator: When they were in the girl group mud wrestling episode of "Let's Go Dream Team," they were pegged as favorites early on due to having Subin on their team. They started off by losing their first set of matches, then had to claw their way up from the loser's bracket. After barely making it out of the semi-finals, they came into the final against Crayon Pop. They ended up losing, but the fact that they had to fight many more rounds than any other group, and had so many close scrapes with elimination, and still almost managed to win it all fits this trope.
  • Eye Beams: One of the powers they use along with finger lightning in "Have, Don't Have" to make people dance.
  • Fanservice: Once again, as a pop group, they dish this out by the truckload.
  • Funny Background Event:
    • When one of the girls is doing a one-on-one interview in "Shabet on Air," it's a good bet that one or more members will be goofing off behind them.
    • In the remix video for "Have, Don't Have," a vendor pushing a cart full of oranges walks behind them while dancing. He gets chased down by someone else, and spills all of his oranges.
  • Gratuitous English: Dal Shabet does this quite frequently. Some highlights:
    • The first few lines of "Mr. Bang Bang."
    • "B.B.B." features the girls posing behind stylistically-inserted English words.
  • Homage: They claim that their skirts and leg dance in "Be Ambitious" were inspired by the iconic photo of Marilyn Monroe.standing over a subway grate and having her dress blown up.
  • Hotter and Sexier: Joker, when held in comparison to most of their previous Lighter and Softer title songs.
    • Former member Viki had previously been working as a weather forecaster,and then said she was going to become a solo rapper. However, since she left the group, she has gone on to have roles in films that essentially amount to softcore porn.
  • I Can Still Fight!: The group wasted no time in announcing that they will be making a January Korean comeback shortly after news of Gaeun and Jiyul's departure broke.
  • I Come in Peace: "Have Don't Have" portrays them as Human Aliens who come to Earth to... make everyone dance.
  • Innocent Swearing: In the 9th episode of "Shabet on Air," Woohee is wearing a hat that says "Beat break, dumbass."
  • Motor Mouth: Gaeun's parts in "B.B.B."
  • Out-of-Genre Experience: Subin's solo songs are this to Dal Shabet's music. She has consistently foregone the group's electronic sound in favor of pianos, acoustic guitar and more of an easy listening sound.
  • PSA: Their rendition of the Traffic Safety Song.
  • "The Reason You Suck" Speech: The lyrics of several of their songs are this. Most recently, "Someone Like You."
  • Reckless Gun Usage:
    • The video for "Mr. Bang Bang" shows them performing the song's choreography with guns in hand, albeit fake ones.
    • Their video for "Someone Like You" has them busting a move on the dance floor while waving (plastic) machine guns around.
    • To date, four of their videos ("Mr. Bang Bang", "Pink Rocket," "Hit U" and "Someone Like You") have featured the girls wielding some sort of firearm. In an interview, they joked that they should change the group name to "Gun Shabet."
  • She's Got Legs: "Be Ambitious" isn't subtitled "Look at My Legs" in Korean for nothing. In fact, the main point choreography accentuates their legs through the use of special opening skirts.
  • Shout-Out: The music video for their song "Joker" features a man dressed in outfit and face paint clearly derived from the style of Heath Ledger's Joker in The Dark Knight, and most of the girls' outfits are based on Harley Quinn.
  • Slumber Party: The girls have one of these after a hard weeks' work in the video for "Fri. Sat. Sun."
  • Stage Name:
    • Serri: Park Mi Yeon
    • Ahyoung: Cho Ja Young
    • Jiyul: Yang Jung Yoon
  • Surprisingly Good English: Jiyul is fluent due to growing up in England. Her bilingual skills are one reason she was chosen to MC for the 2014 Korea Times Music Festival along with Jay Park.
  • A Wild Rapper Appears!: The rapper SIMS has a featuring verse on Serri's solo song "Beautiful Liar" from their mini album Naturalness.


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