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  • Hani does not like thrill rides.
  • One time backstage at a music show, EXID were unknowingly fed a "Calorie Bomb" sandwich, and their reactions were recorded.
  • The third episode of EXID Showtime is often mentioned as one of the highlights of the show, especially when they start competing between themselves at the karaoke. While Solji gets a full score after showcasing her impressive voice, Hani does a song full of offkey screeching and forgets the lyrics... only to also obtain a full score. Later, the two of them settle in a rap battle and Hani takes her song Up to Eleven when she asks to increase its speed twice. Meanwhile, Hyelin does her best (and hilarious) Ailee impression to I Will Show You, but LE accidentally cancels the song before it ends and her score never shows up.
  • Whenever the group appears on Weekly Idol, they're good for many of these each episode.
    • Rapping for meat
  • Behind the scenes of an awards show, they were given a mission to perform "Up & Down" according to the requests of the presenter. Doing it like little kids was funny enough, but then they were told to dance like the elderly. Hyerin ended up stealing the show.
  • To celebrate "DDD" hitting 8 million views on YouTube, they released a part change video. It has to be seen to be believed.
  • Whatever in LE's phone gallery is terrifying for members
    Hyerin: If she lost her phone, we are probably doomed

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