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  • Creator Backlash: Anatomy Is Destiny. While some of Matt Harvey's dislike is due to his own bitterness with the amount of work that went into it versus the largely apathetic reception that it received (as, by his own admission, it was supposed to be the album that made them blow up), he also feels that it was a haphazardly written, overblown mess of an album that tried too hard to be Necroticism. "Waxwork" is an occasional setlist entry, and "The Matter of Splatter" also emerges from the vault every once in a blue moon, but the rest of the album is not even on their radar at this point and will likely stay that way.
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  • The Pete Best: Lots and lots thanks to their unstable lineups; most of the various early members never did anything in music again.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Both played straight and inverted during Matt "Slime" Ferri's brief run as a full member. He was a longtime fan of the band, while Harvey was a fan of his band Coffin Dust, and Harvey, Burke, and Babcock all had him tattoo them with the Ghostbusters logo. Played straighter with Sebastian Phillips, who was also an Ascended Extra.
  • Special Guest: They appeared as a musical guest on The Eric Andre Show, sharing the stage with a tribute band of The Supremes.
  • Troubled Production: Gore Metal. Matt, Col, and Ross fought constantly about the tracklisting (Col didn't want any of the songs from the 7-inches on the album, which led to the exclusion of lots of songs that Matt loved and the inclusion of what he felt were weaker tracks, while Ross wanted to go for broke and load the album with songs, something that Matt was also against), numerous songs were recorded that never saw the light of day, and James Murphy (who was mastering it) got evicted from his Oakland studio and lost everything in it, including the masters. The poor quality of the final production didn't help, either (not that some of it wasn't due to their own sloppiness and lack of polish), and while it got them noticed, they disliked the final result from the get-go. All of this eventually led to Matt making the decision to rerecord it.

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