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  • All-Star Cast: The Broadway revival included several theatre veterans and rising stars including Jim Norton, Will Chase, Stephanie J. Block, Betsy Wolfe, Andy Karl, Jessie Mueller, Gregg Edelman, and Chita Rivera.
  • The Cast Showoff: Chita Rivera, being one of the greatest dancers who ever lived gets an additional music break to show off a few moves in the Broadway revival alongside Stephanie J. Block and the ensemble to show that the more than seventy year old actress has still got a few moves left. Rivera also would let herself be bowed quite low by her fellow lover when voted into that position.
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  • Cut Song: The song lineup has been shaken up quite a bit over the years. Depending on the production, you may hear either "Ceylon" or "A British Subject" (though the 2012 Broadway run combines them!); "Settling Up the Score" or "A Private Investigation"; and "An English Music Hall", "England Reigns", or neither. And there are even more songs cut during the rehearsal process, which you can get a tantalizing glimpse of here. Of the five phantom numbers listed there, it's easy to see why Deputy's "When the Wicked Man Comes", Durdles' "I Wouldn't Say No", and "Sapsea's Song" would have been dropped for dragging the show on too long, but a tear must be shed for the tender Crisparkle-Rosa duet "Evensong" (fortunately recorded on the 1994 Cut Song compilation album "Lost in Boston") and the group number "When Shall These Three Meet Again?" (which survives only as a bridge verse in several murderers' confessions, depending on the version).
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  • Fake Nationality: Outside the Show Within a Show, the actors clearly have no idea what people from Ceylon are like, and hence, geographically untraceable accents!
  • He Also Did: Yes, that is the same Rupert Holmes who wrote and performed the notorious One-Hit Wonder "Escape (The Piña Colata Song)" who wrote this show.