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Trivia / Dream Park

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  • Defictionalization: Averted; the fan-created corporation intended to establish such a park went bankrupt in 1999, although the MagiQuest live-action adventure franchise could be called Dream Park's Spiritual Adaptation. The current craze for live-action Room Escape Game experiences offers the boutique-sized version.
    • The novels' game-regulating organization, the IFGS, actually has been Defictionalized into a LARPing club that stages its games outdoors.
    • A few Game Show franchises, some adult and others for kids, feature a mixture of brain-teaser and athletic challenges similar to those of the Crystal Maze from California Voodoo.
  • The Merch: The Games themselves aren't profitable, but the sale of Game-based films, tie-in books, home-holoprojector versions of scenarios, and so forth makes them a cash cow for Cowles.
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  • Recursive Adaptation: Almost this trope, as an actual role-playing game was based upon the book series, which was about and inspired by role-playing games.


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