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  • Al the Barbarian's brilliant last-minute ploy with the voodoo doll, by which he A) kills out two rival Loremasters, B) averts the in-Game destruction of MIMIC and everyone in it, and C) pays Bishop back for busting into his suite and provoking his wife. Don't mess with Texans, folks.
  • Fat comedian Johnny Welsh demolishes the manifested sins' case during the Humanity on Trial scene from the Fimbulwinter Game, debunking the notion that advertising mascots are insulting to slaughtered livestock because it's only people or things which are important that Western culture bothers to make jokes about. And doing it in Foghorn Leghorn's voice, no less!
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  • Nerdy, retiring Orson Sands picking up a war club and storming to his brother Max's rescue, knocking the amartoqs around like sickly puppies.

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