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Trivia / Down by Law

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  • The Danza: Roberto Benigni as Roberto.
  • Deleted Role: Pruitt Taylor Vince filmed some scenes that were cut before release.
  • Production Posse: This is John Lurie's third straight Jarmusch film, but also his last, as the pair had a falling out afterwards. However, it's the first to feature Tom Waits, who would go on to become a Jarmusch regular.
  • Romance on the Set: Roberto Benigni and Nicoletta Braschi met on the set playing characters who fall in love and eventually got married in Real Life.
  • Throw It In:
    • Sort of; Jim Jarmusch intended to do the gag all along, but the film-crew found the swamp-cabin with the prison-like bunk-beds already set up exactly as it appears in the film.
    • Roberto Benigni's line "It's a sad and beautiful world" was the result of a misunderstanding. The script read "That's sad and beautiful music", but Benigni said "It's a sad and beautiful word", but Waits and Jarmusch misheard it and though he said "WORLD", and so, the line stuck.


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