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Trivia / Disney on Ice

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  • Cash Cow Franchise: Eight different shows are running worldwide at any given time these days.
  • Cut Song: At least two shows each used one from the films they were adapting — "Human Again" as an instrumental for a pairs skating routine in Gaston's tavern at the start of Act Two of Beauty and the Beast, and "Master of the Lamp" as a brief comic piece for Jafar in Aladdin.
  • The Merch: T-shirts, light-up wands, dolls, programs, reusable snowcone mugs, etc.
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  • Milestone Celebration: In The '80s there were shows themed around Donald Duck's 50th birthday (1984) and Mickey Mouse's 60th (1988). The franchise itself mounted a 10th anniversary show, and 100 Years of Magic marked Walt Disney's centennial, as well as Disneyland Adventure for Disneyland's 50th anniversary in 2005.
  • The Other Darrin: Prior to 1988, the characters were not voiced by their official voice actors.
    • The 10th anniversary show features a scene where Roger Rabbit gets Jessica and Eddie to help him cheer up Scrooge McDuck. The program for the show does not have Kathleen Turner or Bob Hoskins listed in the voice credits, so obviously Jessica and Eddie fell victim to this trope.


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