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  • Dueling Shows: With Wheel of Fortune; except that Definition was not shopping-based (the Ceramic Dalmatian would have been a relatively decent prize under this show's conditions), and used the tried and true "celebrities and civilians" structure for most of its run.
  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: Until around 2010, only two episodes circulated — fall 1985 (repeated July 1, 1986) and the 1987 Tournament of Champions final. An 11-minute compilation of a 1979 show (week of November 19–23) surfaced in April 2011, while several additional episodes surfaced by the end of the decade, all of them home recordings. Hundreds of studio masters were found in early 2022, and they are currently being uploaded to the subscription video-on-demand platform
  • No Budget: The show was ridiculed by outsiders (particularly Americans; you can pick up stations from the Toronto area from Buffalo) for how cheap the prizes were. Seriously, the consolation prize for losing the Bonus Round was $10. Only if you made it to the yearly Tournament Of Champions could you have an opportunity to win something half-decent, such as a car or trip.
    • While most Canadian game shows suffered from similar budget issues, Definition's case became even more ironic when Jim Perry, around the same time, ended up hosting some of the United States' richest daytime game shows. (i.e. Card Sharks and Sale of the Century)
  • Real Song Theme Tune: "Soul Bossa Nova" by Quincy Jones (his music seemed to always end up on word games, it seems). Thanks to the popularity of Definition, the song became cemented in Canadian pop culture of the era — even before it became better-known internationally as the Austin Powers theme song. Mike Myers chose to use the song because he remembered it from Definition.
    • In tribute to the show, "Soul Bossa Nova" got a Sampled Up hip-hop version, "My Definition of a Boombastic Jazz Style", by Dream Warriors on their album And Now the Legacy Begins. This version became Ascended Fanon in a promo celebrating CTV Toronto's 50th anniversary, which featured clips from the show.