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  • Ascended Fanon: The most common artist's rendition of Dream is with dirty blond hairnote , a green hoodie, and a White Mask of Doom with his profile pic's smile. When Dream's official Youtooz figure was released, it was given that exact same design.
    • Dream tells the Hunters that he gets some of his strategies from Reddit, more specifically, his own.

  • Fan Nickname: Dream refers to Sapnap as "Sapitus Napitus" in the "Minecraft Speedrunner VS 3 Hunters" video, which fans have adopted themselves.
    • Dream and his friends are called, by fans, the Dream Team.

  • Follow the Leader: Dream's Minecraft Manhunt series have influenced a new genre of videos. People all over YouTube made their own versions of Minecraft Manhunt thanks to Dream.

  • I Knew It!: Some of Dream's techniques come from his own Reddit. Therefore when he uses a tactic that readers of his Reddit have already seen, his fans realize that Dream must've read one of the posts about that technique he just used.

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  • The Wiki Rule: There's a Dream Team Wiki for the members of the Dream Team (of which Dream is apart of.)

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