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  • Creator Couple: Even after their breakup, they continued to work together until John's death.
  • Hostility on the Set/Troubled Production: Love's Secret Domain was a rather bad recording experience for the band; With the band heavily on drugs and working constantly, it led to insane, almost dreamlike confrontations (Peter claimed that Balance and Stapleton once had an argument that lasted over 40 straight hours), as well as influential hallucinations of "ten foot tall amazon warriors in the recording studio". Not only that, but John almost died as well filming the music video for "Windowpane", as he found out later on he was standing in quicksand that he was slowly sinking in near the end. After it was finished they didn't release another new full-length album for eight years, and only one song off of it, "Titan Arch", ever got play live.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Coil was tapped to do the soundtrack for Hellraiser, but they eventually turned it down after being worried that the studio wouldn't use their songs and keep them locked up. Tracks they did for the soundtrack were eventually released as bonus tracks years later.
    • Backwards was ready for release as early as the late '90s, and was even slated to appear on Nothing Records before it was suddenly withdrawn. The closest to an explanation came from session musician Danny Hyde, who cited "issues with grey men" as why it didn't see release until 2015.


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