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Video Game / Coil

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Coil is an experimental game found on made by Edmund McMillen And Florian Himsl (The Binding of Isaac guys) with a minimalist approach to gameplay. Players progress by controlling the mouse to accomplish certain goals which they must figure out as they move from level to level. It isn't very long or difficult so why not give it a try if you have some free time?

Tropes that apply to Coil include:

  • Bizarre Alien Biology: The player character appears to go through her entire life-cycle in the game, and she is very clearly not of this world.
  • Beautiful Void: The entire game save for the text screens take place here. It's heavily implied that the earlier levels are in some type of womb while later levels have a skyline with clouds and stuff.
  • Guide Dang It!: The player isn't given any clue about how to make progress so some of the levels can end up being this for some people.
  • Rape as Drama: What many people believe the plot of the game to be.