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Trivia / Code Geass Colorless Memories

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  • The Wiki Rule: Has it's own fanon wiki at Code Geass Fanon wiki here a WIP. Which includes a timeline, character pages, Knightmare Frame pages and even a eventful soundtrack for it all.
  • Word of St. Paul: A fair chunk of the Worldbuilding and background details of Colorless Memories on the Fanon Wiki, on TV Tropes and in Colored Memories have been written by Blackmambauk and been given Word of God approval by NSBleach00 themselves.
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  • Schedule Slip: For a full year Colorless Memories Was assumed to be a Dead Fic due to NSBleach00 not updating the story or their profile. The reason for no update for either the fic or any update to NSBleach00's profile, was because they were busy with real life matters, leaving little to no time to write any chapters. In July 2016 they started updating again and got around 5 chapters out in a month. Profile is now updated on a monthly basis of progress by NSBleach00 and when the next chapter is likely to be out.

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