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  • Rai's first time in a Knightmare in chapter 5 : using an out of date Burai with only visual controls and he destroys three Sunderland’s that are much better tech than the Burai he is using and he has Kallen with him at the same time who is amazed at Rai's skill, this would have great effect on the story indeed
  • Rai in chapter 13 first time in the proto-Gekka stopping the Britannia army in the Saitama Ghettos and saving Tohdoh and the four holy swords all by himself and killing one of Cornelia's royal guard]]. Proving himself greatly he is in a Knightmare and in doing so becoming zero's blue knight.
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  • In chapter 14 Michael holds his own and forces Rai to retreat and in Backstage 3 shows he is able to match skill with Zero's ace and nearly beats Kallen, though had help from Suzaku. Not bad for a first time against the ace of the Black Knights only the late appearance of Rai stopped him from finishing Kallen.
  • Suzaku a la the series backstage 3 with Michael managed to entrap Kallen down to the floor and would've killed her if not for Rai's intervention.

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