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  • Chapter 9 Rai runs into some thugs beating up a honorary Brtiannian working a stall the same ones he and Kallen ran into a few chapters before but this time there's more then what happens he beats them up easily without any of them landing a blow and then sits on them saying "Well it's obvious who the winner of this fight is" and then he just walks off from them.
    • Same chapter has C.C trolling Rai by having Zero in his face as he goes to join the BK.
    • They come back as a Brick Joke in Backstage three where some of them try to rob a store Suzaku and Sai are doing some shopping in. Leads to them disarming them and Suzaku doing his famous kick to boot .
  • When Rai meets Kaguya in chapter 12. He's trying to escape from where Kyoto is based and runs into a room where she is and once she finds out he's a Black Knight, he has to improvise and is able to wing it enough (Kaguya being a huge Fangirl of Zero and the Black Knights helps.) To hearing from Zero with him teasing Kallen is worried about him (and her reaction to that), to getting Kaguya to guide him out which she does by holding his hand like a couple would.
    • Rai’s deadpan comment of going along with it and how silly it looks makes it even funnier.
  • Milly as always, chapter two somehow Milly had Rai measured while he was asleep (backstage chapter clears that up as Milly’s Grandfather working out that detail just by looking at Rai). To Rai’s deadpan comment of not finding Milly’s talking about the Blue Moon festival interesting.
  • Chapter 16 the whole scene where Rai drinks with the four holy swords, but Urabe and his constant bringing up of unique Japanese food to eat take the cake.
    • Chiba’s reactions to it aiding it every step of the way.

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