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YMMV / Code Geass: Colorless Memories

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Considering which series the fic's are based on, a number of character's actions and motivations are subject to speculation and viewed differently depending on your opinion and feelings.
    • Did Suzaku have a point when he accused Kallen in Chapter Seventeen of not really caring about Rai, is taking advantage of someone with no memories and just using him for her own purposes and to please Zero? Or is he being a Hypocrite when he himself wanted Rai to join the Brtiannian Army and help him with his goals? Or do Both Sides Have a Point in regards to their views, to Rai and their own actions?
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    • In Chapter Eight, was Zero really thinking of shooting Rai when he remained silent to his offer? Or was it simply a intimidation tactic to coerce Rai into joining, guessing that Kallen would come to Rai's aid and plead for Rai to join.
    • Backstage 4 did OSI Special Agent Harald Thompson tell Kaguya about the Sumeragi Legacy due to thinking that her guards would shoot him if he didn't give up some useful information? Or did he lead her on knowing that she would search the Sumeragi temple for clues and be a Unwitting Pawn for whoever it is he is actually working for?
    • Even Rai himself is subject to this, did he really join the Black Knights in Chapter Nine because he wants to truly fight for Japan? Or is he simply using them for the simple purpose of regaining his memories and that he could care less about what they want to achieve? His answers to E.E in Chapter Seventeen raises the ambiguity further.
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    • Is his attitude to Zero's and other officers praises sing of Rai being a Humble Hero? Or does it point to Rai secretly being arrogantly proud and seeing such remarks as beneath him and a sign of him holding back so not to stand out? Even if he does not process it in that way.
    • Carrying on, is Rai's lack of confidence in his skill down to him being Amnesiac, a Fish out of Water and being a shy person overall? Or does he have some Ambiguous Disorder that makes it hard for him to process his feelings and thoughts externally, as well at times places internally? Or is he Obfuscating Stupidity without realising it in order to lower everyone's guard around him so he isn't at risk.
    • Chapter Eighteen also raises the very likihood that Rai is suffering from PTSD from the death of his family and it's only now in the fic that he has started his recovery.
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    • How much of Rai's POV is reliable? Considering his amnesia, talking in halting, short, and uncomplicated sentences, passive personality early on, lack of POV's from other characters. Is Rai POV's a clear view of the people, events and relationships evolving in the fic? Or is he an Unreliable Narrator and is secretly hiding an agenda with E.E that has yet to be revealed.
    • Chapter Eighteen raises the ambiguity even further with Rai, was he telling the truth about his attack on Bismarck? Or is he lying about it to excuse his failure and brash actions? Did Rai really come to Japan just for a sword? Or did he have a Secret Agenda that hasn't been revealed to us yet?
    • Chapter Seventeen was E.E really just testing Rai with her questions and putting on an act? Or did she have another motive and agenda in mind? Some of her responses to the questions posed mires her more in Ambiguity in regards to Rai.
      • Also did she really not know about C.C taking Rai's memories as part of their deal? Or is she lying to Rai to keep him from finding out the truth of her involvement in his amnesia?
    • In Chapter Twelve, was Kaguya Obfuscating Stupidity when Rai entered the room she was in and figured out who he was when he talked to Zero? As she mentions she has seen his face before somewhere. Or did she simply think he was a Black Knight solider that had got lost?
    • Chapter Eighteen takes this Up to Eleven with Rai's Mother from the lines she has of what she says about her husband and so far unknown reasons for marrying Rai's father. Along with what exactly she was up to along with E.E.
  • Epileptic Trees: The Myth Arc been being up in the fic's background thus far has raised a fair number of these.
    • First one is what the hell is the Sumeragi's Legacy? and exactly is it's possible connection to Geass? Is it truly as old as Harald Thompson told Kaguya that it was?
    • Who is the Shadow figure that was chasing Rai in Chapter Eleven? Is the brightness from the hand a code? If so how did they get it and why are they after Rai? Their appearance in Chapter Eighteen raises these questions even further.
    • Who exactly is E.E? and what does all the symbolism with the moon, the sword in Rai's dream have to do with her. As well as her exact deal she made with C.C in regards to Rai.
    • Exactly what's up with the Sumeragi temple in Backstage four? Along the glowing sword that Kaguya found underneath the temple and all the hypergraphs as well?
    • Exactly what really happened to Naoto when he vanished three years before the fic? Why did James Stadfeld head back to Britannia at the same time.
    • The exact meaning of the Bad Dreams Rai keeps having throughout the fic.
    • Lelouch brings up an example of this In-Universe in Chapter two in the following dialogue. Jerk Ass Has A Point considering his initial treatment of Rai.
    Lelouch "Hmph…I'm being a little too paranoid huh? And you think someone as mysterious as him suddenly appearing to me after everything that has happened that last few weeks isn't a coincidence at all? Hah, I believe I have every right to be suspicious of him. For all I know, he could be a spy or agent sent from the Britannian Military or even possibly the Imperial Family...maybe even possibly from one of the other two superpower countries."
    • Chapter Eighteen adds even more in regards to Rai's family. What was his mother up to in Britannia and with E.E? Is his sister Sakura really dead as we do not see the body and the grave only marks her first name? Bismarck's sword is another. Let's not get started on the whole mysterious stranger.
    • Chapter Eighteen raises the possibility that Rai has been using his Geass the entire time in the fic and his POV has simply not acknowledged it or it is unaware that he is actually using it.
  • Fan Preferred Pairing: For a number of reviewers, Rai/Kallen due to their scenes throughout the fic. Though there has been no indication from Word of God or in the story of what, or if there are any main pairings.
  • Growing the Beard: The first nine chapters move slowly and are more about establishing the characters and setting for those who didn’t watch the anime or play the Code Geass: Lost Colors where Rai is from. Once Rai joins the Black Knights and the existence of E.E and the Sumeragi's Legacy comes into play, the fic comes into it's own identity among Code Geass fics.
  • Ho Yay: There is to some degree Ho Yay between certain characters in CM.
    • Lelouch/Rai the chess games they play Lelouch's obsession of collecting Rai as a chess piece the planning they do together, the chats they have also when Rai came to join the black knights lulu was right in his face close enough to nearly touch Rai's face after Rai took off the blindfold he had been wearing, can come off as this if you read it in a certain way.
    • Suzaku/Rai especially in the early chapters when they spend quite a bit of time together when Kallen is off somewhere else (black knight duties) Suzaku wanting Rai with him in the army, Suzaku's reaction to finding out Kallen and Rai's secret and suspecting Kallen's feelings towards Rai in chapter seventeen can come across as hurt feelings of a jealous lover in a way.
    • As in canon Lelouch/Suzaku.
  • One-Scene Wonder: OC Harald Thompson only appears (thus far) in Backstage Chapter 4, but the Wham Line he drops on Kaguya leaves quite an impact on the plot of Colorless Memories.
    • Rai's whole family in Chapter Eighteen, especially his mother. They make their mark on the story, characters and on the Myth Arc. Bismarck the Knight of One applies as well for his fight with Rai and for upping the stakes with his geass-weapon.
  • Rewatch Bonus: Many lines and Foreshadowing in the earlier chapters take on this once you know that Rai is Half Sumeragi and that it was C.C whom took his memories in the first place.
  • Shipping: Subtle Rai/Kallen bits throughout the story, though less then the original fic was in being much more overt in it.
  • Stoic Woobie: Rai never seems to show outwardly show any hint he is suffering, though the fact he has no memories for the first 17 chapters and hints Rai is holding a lot of it in and guards his emotions this may change. As the story goes on and we learn more of Rai and his past and what he has done etc.

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