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The Video Game:

  • Image Source: The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You
  • I Knew It!: Many fans have correctly guessed that Madeline was transgender thanks to the ending of Chapter 9 (Farewell) implying it, before it was later properly confirmed by Word of God in November 2020.
  • Limited Special Collector's Ultimate Edition: The game received a physical Collector's Edition for the Switch and PS4 versions, courtesy of Limited Run Games. Along with the game, it includes a steelbook case, the soundtrack on a cassette tape, a patch, a postcard, a poster, a sticker sheet, a stuffed winged strawberry, and a strawberry pie recipe.
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  • Meaningful Release Date: Chapter 9 (Farewell) was released on 9/9/19.
  • Word of Gay: In November 2020, the developers confirmed that Madeline is a transgender woman, which already was heavily implied in the game. Maddy Thorson discussed it in-depth in an article on November 6, 2020.
  • Word of God: The monsters that chase and attack Madeline in Chapter 5 are unnamed in the game, but were officially named "Seekers" during a speedrun of the game at SGDQ 2018 that was commented on by the development team.


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