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  • Keep Circulating the Tapes: The show's only home media release was a VHS containing the first three episodes in the 1990s, that is long out of print. Most copies available online until 2018 were from people's personal tapings of the show when it aired on Teletoon or Space Channel in Canada. However, in 2018 higher quality copies from master DVDs of the series were made available online after the poster received them from the show's creator.
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  • Talking to Himself: The series has a voice cast of five people: four men and one woman. The woman, Denica Fairman, primarily voices Scarlette but by necessity must voice all other female characters on the show as well. Her range is quite good, but sometimes this is still fairly obvious. Of the four male voice actors, three mostly (if not exclusively) voice their primary character: Richard E. Grant as Star, Adrian Edmondson as Jones, and Kerry Shale as Black; the final remaining actor, Gary Martin, is a utility player who voices all of the remaining male characters (including recurrers such as Jim-Bob-Bob and Postie).

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