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  • The Cast Showoff: Portia de Rossi's real-life singing skills are spotlighted for laughs when a recording of Veronica performing "Never Gonna Give You Up" is played in an elevator, and later in a more straightforward manner when she duets with Ted on "I Got You Babe". Malcolm Barrett, who is also a rapper, gets one of his songs played in an episode, too.
  • Fake American: Portia de Rossi is actually Australian. Like a certain actually-British doctor most people never figure this out (it should be noted that in interviews de Rossi uses an American accent as well). Though you can still hear it in the "y" when she says "anything".
  • Screwed by the Network: Between terrible promotion and shifting time slots it's not too surprising they decided to get the trifecta and pre-empt its final two episodes.
    • Possible further screwing action by the decision not to release Season 2 on DVD.
      • Ultimately reversed in 2016 under pressure from fans.
    • In ABC's defence it should be noted that the network did announce plans to air the final two episode in June 2010, contingent on that year's NBA Finals not needing a 7th game. The inconsiderate basketball players went overtime, however, and the broadcast was cancelled and not rescheduled.
    • A number of critics have noted that the show's title was meaningless and didn't help the show gain awareness; the network could have had the title changed, but chose not to.


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