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Ooblets is a charming indie game that combines elements of games like Pokémon and Stardew Valley. Described as a "farming, town life, and creature collection game", your character arrives at the mainland after leaving their small island home and is recruited by the mayor of Badgetown to be their assistant and help the town prosper while learning the mysteries of the creatures known as Ooblets...and busting some sweet moves.


(There was some controversy around it's release; check the Epic Games page for more information.)

This game provides examples of:

  • Call a Rabbit a "Smeerp": Coffee is "beanjuice" or "spressy", snacks are "treabies", computers are "puter's", etc.
  • Card Games: The dance battles can also sort of be qualified as these; each round you get a new hand with random cards in it representing different dance moves, and you have to pick which ones to use that round. Some moves will give you points, others can steal points from you opponents or give you more hype. Each Ooblet has moves specific to them, and will gain more when they level up.
  • Dance Battler: All Ooblets qualify as this.
  • Dance Off: How Ooblet battles work; you get given cards each round that will allow your Ooblet to bust out different moves until you reach a certain number of points.
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  • Farm Life Sim: Your character owns a small farm where they can grow various crops to sell and make into food and materials. Dance battles will also give you seeds which you can use to grow new Ooblets.
  • Mon: The titular Ooblets, though unlike most Mons they battle through dance-offs instead of fights.
  • Our Monsters Are Weird: A delightfully quirky cast of characters.
  • Starter Mon: Four to choose from, based on what club you join in the beginning - Frunbuns (the cute ones) gives you Tud, Peaksnubs (the elite ones) give you Bittle, Mossprouts (the outdoorsy ones) give you Shrumbo, and Mimpins (the nerdy ones) gives you Sidekey.

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