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Trivia / A3!

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  • Celebrity Voice Actor: Kazunari Miyoshi is voiced by Japanese Stage Actor Ren Ozawa.
  • Dueling Games: with Ensemble Stars! on the mobile gaming circuit.
  • Relationship Voice Actor: A few voice actors such as Yuuichi Jose, Kōtarō Nishiyama, Shintaro Asanuma, and Takuya Eguchi were also in Ensemble Stars!. Ren Ozawa also plays Subaru Akehoshi in the EnStars stage play series.
    • Two members of Spring Troupe are Rappers.
    • A lot of the seiyuu are also in Tsukipro. Yuki, Muku, and Hisoka are members of Growth, Juza and Tsuzuru are in QUELL, Homare and Banri are in SOARA, and Tenma is in SolidS
    • Most of Winter Troupe were once swords.
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  • Sleeper Hit: I-Chu, Liber's other all male game, has decent popularity, but A3! is by far the most popular of Liber's games. In its first few months alone, it climbed up the ranks on the Google Play App and hit first relatively quickly. And in 2018, an English circuit was announced, just a year after A3! is launched. Taken Up to Eleven when A3 received an anime adaptation just after the game's 2 year anniversary.

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