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Note: Spoilers for all mainline Ace Attorney games will be left unmarked. Read at your own risk!


Before the first trilogy

  • Elementary school student Phoenix Wright is put into a mock trial by his classmates after he is accused of stealing lunch money. He is subsequently proven innocent by the arguments and testimonies provided by two fellow students: Miles Edgeworth (the victim) and Larry Butz (the culprit). All three become close friends from that point onwards, as Phoenix is inspired to become a defense attorney from the experience.
  • December 28: The DL-6 Incident.
    • Miles' father, defense attorney Gregory Edgeworth, faces off against undefeated German prosecutor Manfred von Karma in court. The trial ends with a guilty verdict, but von Karma's perfect record is tainted when Gregory catches him using falsified evidence.
    • After the trial, an earthquake causes Miles, Gregory and court bailiff Yanni Yogi to be trapped in an elevator. A panicked Yogi attacks Gregory, leading Miles to try and stop them by throwing Yogi's discarded gun at them. The gun is discharged around the same time von Karma passes by the elevator door, hitting him in the shoulder. Upon seeing all three individuals inside the elevator unconscious, he enacts his revenge on Gregory by killing him with Yogi's firearm and fleeing the scene. von Karma eventually goes on the first and only vacation of his professional career to recover from his injuries; as he cannot afford to disclose how he was hurt, he opts to keep the bullet and scar on his person.
    • With no concrete evidence to act on, the police ask Misty Fey, master of the Kurain Channeling Technique, to channel Gregory's spirit. Unable to ascertain what truly happened and refusing to indict his son, he points to Yogi as his murderer. Under the advice of victory-obsessed defense attorney Robet Hammmond, Yogi pleads insanity to avoid going to jail, and he is later deemed not mentally fit to be responsible for the crime. However, this costs him his job and social standing, leading to the suicide of his fiancee Polly Jenkins. Yogi takes up residence as the housekeeper of the Gourd Lake boating house, harboring a hatred of Hammond and the Edgeworths for ruining his life.
    • Miles is adopted into the von Karma household after Manfred returns from his vacation. Along with Manfred's daughter Franziska, he is trained to be a prosecutor that seeks victories at all costs, even if it meant resorting to less than ethical means to do so. The DL-6 incident also left him with a phobia of earthquakes, one which remains with him for the remainder of his life.
    • Information broker Redd White is able to uncover Misty's involvement in the proceedings, and publishes the story, which taints the reputation of the Fey Clan and Kurain Village. Misty exiles herself from the village, and her eldest daughter Mia opts to become a lawyer instead to pursue the reasons why her mother disappeared. This left her younger sister Maya as the sole remaining heir and the future Master, in the event Misty would not return within 20 years.
    • Morgan Fey, Misty's elder sister, is divorced from her husband after White's expose ruins the Fey Clan's reputation; he had married into it to use their political connections for his own ends, but when it became apparent that it would not come to pass, he left Morgan and took their twin daughters Dahlia and Iris with him. Not long after, Morgan would remarry and have a third daughter named Pearl.
      • As for the Hawthorne twins, their father would remarry, leading to them gaining a new step-sister, Valerie. Fed up with her twin sister's presence, Dahlia convinces Mr. Hawthorne to leave Iris at Hazakura Temple, where she is later raised by the head nun Bikini.

  • In the Kingdom of Khu'rain, the residence of Queen Amara Sigatar Khura'in is set on fire. This assasination attempt was planned by her sister Ga'ran, the kingdom's Minister of Justice, in an attempt to usurp Amara's status as queen. Amara survives thanks to the intervention of musician Jove Justice, who is attacked and left for dead by Ga'ran. Amara's husband, defense attorney Dhurke Sahdmadhi, is implicated as the culprit by Ga'ran. While he manages to successfully defend himself for a while, Ga'ran's accusations of him forging evidence forces him to flee the courthouse and exile himself.
  • Ga'ran ascends to the throne, while Amara - under the wrong impression that Dhurke did try to kill her if not for Ga'ran's intervention - poses as a servant under her. As Ga'ran herself lacks any form of spiritual power, Amara impersonates her for events that need channeling abilities to maintain Ga'ran's reign lest the people start questioning her.
    • Under Ga'ran's reign, Khu'rain establishes the Defense Culpability Act: any defense attorney who failed to prove their client's innocence was to share their fate, whether it may be imprisonment or death. This caused the profession to be demonized within their culture, while giving Ga'ran and her husband Inga free reign to do whatever they wanted.
  • Dhurke adopts Jove's son Apollo as his own, and raises him alongside his own son Nahyuta. As a response to the DC Act, he forms the Defiant Dragons, a resistance group opposed to Ga'ran's regime.

     2008- 2011 
  • Now 14 years old, Dahlia Hawthone concocted a scheme to steal a diamond from her father and gain a large sum of money by faking her kidnapping, with the aid of her "boyfriend", Terry Fawles. Although Valerie was an accomplice of theirs, she betrayed the two during their rendezvous, with Fawles later arrested. Dahlia would jump off Dusky Bridge to escape, and upon being nursed back to health after a timely reunion with Iris, would continue to commit more crimes. She would later reunite with Valerie none the wiser, and with Valerie's police contacts, gain a new identity: "Melissa Foster".


  • Action star Jack Hammer accidentally kills his co-star Manuel by pushing him into a spiked fence. His producer Dee Vasquez covers this incident up, but keeps Hammer in check by forcing him into low-budget roles.

  • Dhurke rescues Amara from her captivity and proclaims his innocence. The two would later have their second child, a girl named Rayfa. Amara would later be found by the regime, and while she went into hiding, Rayfa would be adopted as the child of Ga'ran and Inga, remaining unaware of her true parentage. Amara would stay by her side, posing as her caretaker Nayna.
  • February 14: Fawles escapes police custody with the intent on confronting Valerie for her betrayal. She would disclose to Dahlia that she would come clean about what had happened many years ago; to prevent that from happen, Dahlia stabbed Valerie to death and posed as her during the meeting with Fawles. Not long after, he would be recaptured and later accused of Valerie's death.
  • February 16: Terry Fawles is put on trial for the murder of Valerie Hawthorne. Mia Fey and Miles Edgeworth make their first courtroom appearances as the defense attorney and prosecutor of the case, respectively. (Trials and Tribulations - Turnabout Memories)
    • During the trial, Edgeworth calls Dahlia (or rather, "Melissa Foster") to the stand. Despite trying her best to implicate Fawles for the crime, her identity is exposed by Mia and the true nature of her actions with it as well, but she enacts her back-up plan: by using a old pact both of them made together while dating, Dahlia manipulates Fawles into killing himself via poison, letting her go scot-free as the trial reaches an unfortunate conclusion.
    • Mia's associate Diego Armando pursues Dahlia to learn the truth about her. However, in their first meeting, he is poisoned after Dahlia spikes his coffee, and is sent into a coma while his hair turns white from the shock.
    • To prevent the police from discovering the poison used on Armando, Dahlia passes the vial to Phoenix Wright, now a university student. She would pretend to date Phoenix in this interim, and recruited Iris to help pose as her in order to get the vial back. Unbeknownst to Dahlia, Iris would genuinely fall in love with Phoenix.
  • The "initial trial" system is fully implemented in American courts. To reduce the backlog of open cases, defense attorneys and prosecutors would now argue for their cases towards a judge, who would provide a final verdict. In the event they rule a guilty verdict or the case is not resolved within 3 days, the accused party is sentenced to a later trial in a higher court.

     2014- 2015 
  • April 9: Doug Swallow, an ex-boyfriend of Dahlia's, attempts to warn Phoenix about her true character. Dahlia manipulates this situation to rid herself of both men by killing Doug via an "accident" and framing Phoenix for the crime.
  • April 11: Phoenix Wright is placed on trial for the death of Doug Swallow. Mia Fey returns to the courtroom for the first time since the Fawles case alongside her mentor Marvin Grossberg, with the self-proclaimed "rookie killer" Winston Payne serving as prosecutor. (Turnabout Memories)
    • During the trial, Dahlia - under her real name - was called as a witness to testify about her relationships. Mia established her link to the Armando case by pointing out that the poison she used on him was made using chemicals obtained from Swallow, and the vial it was in was being worn by Phoenix as a memento while he remained unaware of Dahlia's misdeeds. Mia also exposed Dahlia's plan to poison Phoenix to get the vial back, unaware that she only failed to push through with it because of Iris' suggestions.
    • With evidence and strong logic supporting her arguments, Mia indicts and successfully proves Dahlia of Swallow's murder. Phoenix is declared "not guilty", and while heartbroken over the events that have passed, he admits that this has only strengthened his decision to become a lawyer.
  • August: The SL-9 Incident occurs.
    • A man named Joe Darke starts a killing spree after accidentally running over someone with his car, which led to a cycle of him killing witnesses to his crimes. Criminal Affairs set up a team of detectives - Bruce Goodman, Jake Marshall, and Angel Starr, Lana Skye and Damon Gant - to apprehend him. After more than half a year of being pursued, Darke surrendered himself to the police. The prosecutor assigned to this case was Jake's brother Neil.


  • Roger Retinz, an assistant to the Gramarye family troupe of magicians, is fired after a reckless stunt. He holds a vendetta against them for the next several years.
  • February 19: During an interrogation session, Darke escaped and fled into Gant and Lana's office. He found Lana's sister Ema waiting there and intended to use her as a hostage, but was stopped by Neil. All three would later fall unconscious after a scuffle in which Ema attacked Neil in the dark after she mistakenly thought her to be Darke.
    • Gant arrived on the scene and plotted to turn the situation in his favor and advance his career. He murdered Neil by impaling him on a suit of armor, hid the evidence that could incriminate him and manipulated the scene before waiting for Lana to come into the room; upon arriving, she came to the assumption that Ema had murdered Neil. With Gant's "help", they cleaned the scene to then implicate Darke as Neil's killer.
    • Darke was arrested, now with another murder added to his count. Edgeworth was assigned as the prosecutor to replace Neil, and the case was closed with Darke receiving a "guilty" verdict and being sentenced to death.
    • Gant's gambit paid off as he was promoted to Chief of Police. He would promote Lana to Chief Prosecutor as a way of keeping her under his thumb, with the knowledge of their actions at the time acting as blackmail material. All three detectives assigned to the Darke case grew suspicious, so Gant disbanded the team: Angel was fired and Jake was demoted to a patrolman, while Goodman stayed on as a detective to avoid arousing even more suspicion.
  • Tired of being used as a tool in the rivalry between TV stars Matt Engarde and Juan Corrida, manager Celeste Inpax commits suicide. Her close friend Adrian Andrews attempts suicide on her own afterwards, but survives and receives counseling. As Corrida was the one who discovered her body, he forges a suicide note to implicate Matt and ruin his career.

The Phoenix Wright trilogy begins

  • Thalassa Gramarye disappears from Troupe Gramarye after her supposed "death" during a magic trick gone wrong.
  • May 2: Overworked nurse Mimi Miney is implicated in a malpractice incident at the Grey Surgical Clinic, which resulted in the death of 14 patients.
  • May 24: Mimi and her sister Ini get into a car accident on the freeway after the former falls asleep at the wheel. Ini dies, and Mimi is mistaken for her sister after her face is badly burnt. She takes the opportunity to assume her sister's identity by having her face reconstructed to resemble her.
  • July 31: Cindy Stone, Larry Butz's ex-girlfriend, is murdered by burglar Frank Sahwit. Butz is framed for the crime and is arrested.
  • August 3: Larry Butz's trial is scheduled for this day. Defending him is Phoenix Wright, who is making his courtroom debut with Mia Fey as his mentor and assistant. Winston Payne serves as prosecutor. Phoenix is able to successfully start his career by defending Larry and uncover the truth by revealing Sahwit as the murderer. (The First Turnabout)
  • September 5: Mia confronts Redd White with a list of influential people he has blackmailed. In response, White kills her and pins the crime on Maya. Her body is discovered by Phoenix not long after. After failing to request the services of Marvin Grossberg, Phoenix agrees to personally defend Maya herself.
  • September 6: Maya Fey is put on trial for the murder of her sister Mia. This serves as the first of many courtroom battles between Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth. (Turnabout Sisters Day 1)
    • Bluecorp secretary April May testifies to seeing Maya attack Mia from her room in the Gatewater Hotel across the street, but her testimony reveals inconsistencies that lead to Phoenix implicating May of wiretapping Mia's office. May protests her innocence, and a hotel bellboy confirms her alibi, but lets slip that she had checked into the room with another person. The trial ends with May arrested for wiretapping, and no conclusive answer to Mia's murder.
    • Following the trial, Phoenix discovered that White was May's employer, and confronted him. White dismissed him by boasting of his influence over the law, and sent him away. Grossberg later admitted that it was because of White that he could not defend Maya.
    • Upon returning to Mia's office, Phoenix discovered the list of individuals Mia prepared, which revealed all the people that White had blackmailed. He confronted White with this knowledge and accused him of being the true murderer. In response, White calls the Prosecutor's Office to instead pin the blame on Phoenix, and has Detective Dick Gumshoe take him away.
  • September 8: Phoenix Wright defends himself in court after Redd White implicates him as Mia Fey's killer. (Turnabout Sisters Day 2)
    • Phoenix is able to confirm that White was the one responsible for ordering the wiretap, but cannot find definitive proof of his guilt. Mia returns from beyond the grave to assist Phoenix thanks to Maya channeling her spirit, which not only places White at the office during Mia's death but is enough to heavily suggest that he is her killer.
    • To prevent the trial being prolonged for another day, allowing White to recuperate and for Edgeworth to corrupt even more evidence, Mia handed Phoenix her list of all of White's misdeeds, and had him recite them out loud in court. Fearful of having it all being exposed to the media, White breaks down and confesses to Mia's murder. Both Phoenix and Maya are declared not guilty, which marks Edgeworth's first defeat in court.
    • As per Mia's final request, Phoenix inherits Mia's law firm while Maya became his legal assistant. Thus, Wright and Co. Law Offices is formed.
  • October 15: Jack Hammer plots to kill Dee Vasquez. After drugging his co-star - Steel Samurai actor Will Powers - and stealing his suit to implicate him, Hammer moved to stab Vasquez with a prop spear, but ends up meeting the same fate as Manuel when Vasquez pushes him onto the same spiked fence. She and director Sal Manella pin the blame on Powers, and he is arrested by police. Wright and Co. take his case not long after.
  • October 18: The first day of Will Powers' trial for the murder of Jack Hammer. Phoenix Wright and Miles Edgeworth return as defense attorney and prosecutor. (Turnabout Samurai Day 1)
    • Elderly security guard Wendy Oldbag shows security footage of someone wearing the Steel Samurai costume walking by her, and that a young fan had snuck onto the set during the same day; as he lacked the strength to wield the Samurai Spear, he was ruled out as a suspect.
    • Phoenix accuses Oldbag of being a suspect, which Edgeworth shows little resistance to as a possibility. In response, Oldbag angrily reveals that other people were at the studio at the time of the murder. Court is suspended after this to allow both sides to investigate.
    • Phoenix and May return to Global Studios with the intent of questioning Manella, Vasquez and the young fan caught on camera, Cody Hackins. All three have alibis that prevent them from being implicated, leaving them short on leads.
    • With Mia's help, Phoenix returns to Cody, who reveals that he had kept a collection of the Steel Samurai's victories, adding that he saw the Steel Samurai defeat a "bad guy" when pressed about Hammer's murder. Gumshoe takes Cody into police protection afterwards, intending on having him testify in court the following day.
  • October 19: Will Powers' trial continues. (Turnabout Samurai Day 2)
    • During Cody's cross-examination, Phoenix presses through various contradictions, causing Cody to confess that the Steel Samurai had lost this supposed fight he witnessed while he tried to take pictures of it. Further evidence leads Phoenix to believe that Hammer had stolen Powers' costume and that the murder scene had been changed to fit this narrative. The judge suspends the trial for one more day with this new information.
    • Phoenix and Maya's investigation confirms that Hammer had drugged Powers, while they learn of the incident with Manuel. Both implicate Vasquez now that they have a motive for her, but find themselves surrounded by mobsters under her payroll. Gumshoe arrives in the nick of time to arrest Vasquez, and Phoenix and Maya agree to press her more in court tomorrow.
  • October 20: Dee Vasquez is called to the stand for the final day of Will Powers' trial. (Turnabout Samurai Day 3)
    • During Vasquez's cross-examination, Edgeworth begins to suspect that she might be the true culprit all along, and presses more information about her involvement. His inquiries, along with Phoenix's logic, are able to successfully place her as Hammer's killer and her role in the cover-up several years ago. With no other option left, Vasquez calmly admits to her crimes, and Will Powers is declared innocent.
  • December 24: Yanni Yogi receives a letter from Manfred von Karma to assist in his revenge. On this day, he arranges separate meetings with both Robert Hammond and Edgeworth; he shoots Hammond, assumes his identity and meets with Edgeworth in the middle of Gourd Lake before faking his death and implicating Edgeworth as Hammond's killer. Yogi calls the police to arrest Edgeworth.
  • December 25: Edgeworth's arrest is made public, and Gumshoe requests that Phoenix take his case. He and Maya investigate Gourd Lake to learn more. They meet Lotta Hart, a photojournalist who had camped out at the site to possibly film the existence of "Gourdy", a monster who supposedly lived in the lake. Lotta reveals that her cameras had taken photos which implicate Edgeworth, and that she would show them in court.
    • Phoenix and Maya visit Grossberg, who reveals the basics of the DL-6 Incident to them. Sharing this information with Edgeworth is enough to get him to open up about his past and assert that he did not kill Hammond. Phoenix officially becomes Edgeworth's lawyer for his trial.
  • December 26: Miles Edgeworth is put on trial for the death of Robert Hammond. Phoenix Wright faces off against Edgeworth's mentor, Manfred von Karma himself. (Turnabout Goodbyes Day 1)
    • Despite von Karma's intimidating presence, Phoenix is able to stand his ground during Lotta's testimony. Inconsistencies with the photos taken, Lotta's own account and an unclear visual on who the shooter is leads to the judge extending the trial for another day. Although Maya is arrested for an outburst which placed her in contempt of court, she is released after the trial with no issues after Edgeworth posts her bail.
    • Phoenix and Maya return to Gourd Lake, and piece together "Gourdy's" true identity: a deflated Steel Samurai balloon owned by Larry Butz. Upon informing Lotta of this, she reveals that von Karma's next witness was the owner of the boat rental shop, who - unbeknownst to either of them - was Yanni Yogi himself.
    • The caretaker's jumbled memory leads Phoenix and Maya to assume he is a dead end. However, his pet parrot Polly discloses to them to "not forget about DL-6", which shocks both of them. When they attempt to re-question the caretaker, they find themselves locked out of his shack. Both report to Gumshoe about the caretaker's possible involvement in the DL-6 incident.
  • December 27: The second day of Miles Edgeworth's trial. (Turnabout Goodbyes Day 2)
    • Despite his foggy memory, the caretaker's testimony serves as definitive proof of Edgeworth's presence on Christmas Eve. Before the judge can declare a guilty verdict, Larry intervenes by offering his own account of the night. Despite protests from von Karma, the judge grants Larry's request. Edgeworth believes this to be the chance to turn things around, as Larry went against von Karma's perfectly prepared trials by not being accounted for.
    • Larry's testimony leads Phoenix to believe that there were two shootings that night based on the times given to him. He theorizes that the true murderer had killed Hammond and framed Edgeworth for it, and that it had been the caretaker all along. However, he had fled the courthouse before he could be questioned further, postponing the trial for yet another day.
    • Phoenix discovers a letter which outlines his theory from court inside of the caretaker's shack. He and Edgeworth conclude that the caretaker was Yogi, and further consulting with Grossberg leads to von Karma being the one responsible for writing it. He and Maya confront von Karma in the police records room about his involvement in the current trial and the DL-6 incident, but are rendered unconscious with a stun gun. Upon coming to, they find out that all the evidence related to DL-6 had gone missing save for one: the bullet responsible for killing Gregory Edgeworth.
  • December 28: Miles Edgeworth's trial is extended for one more day. (Turnabout Goodbyes Day 3)
    • Phoenix questions the caretaker to expose his identity as Yanni Yogi, but cannot prove it. Taking on a joking challenge from von Karma, Phoenix elects to question Polly the parrot in court. Piecing together various pieces of evidence related to them, like Polly sharing the name of Yogi's deceased fiancee, is enough to convince the judge of Phoenix's accusations.
    • Yogi confirms these suspicions and confesses to being Hammond's murderer. Edgeworth is declared not guilty, but sends the courtroom into a panic by confessing to the murder of his father during the DL-6 incident. A separate trial is set up quickly to test this claim, with Phoenix and von Karma retaining their original positions. As the statute of limitations on the incident was going to run out on that day, the judge pressed that a verdict had to be given out within that very trial.
    • Phoenix pieces together the evidence that leads to von Karma's involvement, claiming that he was shot during the incident. Although von Karma made repeated attempts to prove his innocence, Phoenix is able to uncover his hidden bullet wound, and proposes that the bullet lodged in it would match the one used to kill Gregory. Miles Edgeworth is declared not guilty for the second time in a row, while Manfred von Karma suffers the most ignoble defeat of his professional career.
  • December 29: Maya leaves for Kurain Village to resume her spiritual training.

  • February 21: Bruce Goodman asks Damon Gant to reopen the SL-9 incident. Fearing that his secrets would be exposed, Gant stabs Goodman to death and hides the body in Edgeworth's car, causing it to be unknowingly transported to the Prosecutors' Office. Lana Skye's attempt to cover this up is caught by Angel Starr, and she is arrested.
  • February 22: Ema visits Phoenix to ask for his help and prove her sister's innocence. While in a personal funk due to Maya being out of his life, seeing a bit of Maya in Ema inspires Phoenix to take the case.
  • February 23: Day 1 of the trial of Laya Skye
  • June 16th: Turner Grey, head of Grey Surgical Clinic, reaches out to Phoenix Wright for help in clearing his name regarding several malpractice deaths that he was accused of in years past. He asks that he help lead him to Kurain Village to get a channeling of nurse Mimi Miney to clear his own name.
  • June 19th: Turner Grey and Phoenix make their way to Kurain for Maya's first "official" channeling. There, "Nick" meets Maya's Aunt Morgan, as well as becomes acquainted with young Pearl Fey.
  • However, in the middle of Maya beginning her first channeling, she's sabotaged by "Ini" Miney and Morgan Fey, leading to Turner's death. Though there seems to be evidence of an accidental death due to the channeling, Phoenix resolves to prove Maya's innocence.
  • June 20th
  • June 21st

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