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Tear Jerker / Ice Age 2: The Meltdown

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  • When Manny is telling the kids a story that ends with a "big happy family living happily ever after" one of the kids ask him where is his big happy family, which almost makes Manny break in tears before Diego scares the kids off in response.
  • Young Ellie's flashback; a lost Mammoth calf all alone in a blizzard, losing all hope until Crash and Eddie's mom finds her and takes her in, notably its remembering this moment that makes her realize that she is a mammoth and not a possum.
    • A Genius Bonus for wildlife buffs - Opossums give birth to many, many babies - and the reason they seem to have six at a time is that most infants don't reach a teat in time. For Ellie's possum mom to only have Crash and Eddie left when they met, means something tragic must have happened to her litter. From a maternal point of view it explains her taking in Ellie.
  • Scrat's Disney Death. Sure, he gets better, but for those who watch the films mainly because of him, it's sure to be one of the biggest.
  • Manny trying to tell Ellie how he feels, but he decides to let her go due to his dark past. Bonus points for John Powell's musical score during the scene.
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  • When Diego asks Manny what's holding him back from being with Ellie. Manny's response? "My family".
  • Manny letting Ellie go due to his dark and troubled past and looking at his reflection in a puddle. Sure, he and Ellie end up together, but it's still truly a tearjerking scene.
  • When Manny looks into the pond at his reflection, lamenting about being the last mammoth.

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