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Tear Jerker / The Superman Adventures

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  • "Yesterday's Man of Tomorrow" shows a quite bitter alternate timeline. Predictably, Luthor gets the power he wants... but everyone else's lives are unquestionably worse. The comic shows Jimmy Olsen, now wheelchair-bound after being hit by crossfire during an Intergang battle, leaving flowers on Lois Lane's grave. The capper, however, is Ma and Pa Kent's fate — left alone in their old age, never knowing what had become of their son. In-Universe, Mxyzptlk comments that it's "enough to pull tears from a glass eye".
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  • The ending of "Old Wounds". Everything reverts to normal, but Superman has been brutally reminded of what happened to his home planet and every living creature on it.
  • One comic focuses on Supergirl. The reader actually gets to see the moment when she and her mother Kala find out about the death of Zor-El and Kara's twin sister. Kara, who almost went with them, hugs Kala and says her father has to be all right, desperately clinging to his promise to come back with something for her. Then Argo shifts away from the sun, resulting in the world becoming progressively colder. Kara's mother Kala ultimately has to put herself and the other remaining Argoans into cryosleep. She tells Kara to sleep, saying she'll be safe when she wakes up... and then Kara wakes up to find she's the only survivor.
  • "Distant Thunder" reveals that a tiny part of Krypton survived the initial explosion... only for it to blow up at the end of the comic, finally destroying the planet for good.