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Heartwarming / The Superman Adventures

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  • Superman has a busy day full of things such as preventing an innocent man's execution, saving a group of hostages, and flying a woman in mid-delivery to the hospital. Yet in the middle of all this, he still hears a boy's plea to find his lost dog - "if it wouldn't be too much trouble" - and he does.
    Father: I'm glad Patch came home, but Superman's been all over the news this morning. How could a guy like him find the time to track down a missing dog when he was saving practically the whole world last night?
    Kid: Dont'cha get it dad? He's Superman!
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  • A teenager who admires both Superman and Lex Luthor recounts a similar incident. He saw Supes helping with the evacuation of a factory that's about to blow, and just after it's said that all the workers are out, he dashes back into the factory...and returns carrying the pet of one of the employees. The young man talks about how admirable it is that Superman would go to such lengths over something that small.
  • Mxy having compassion on Lois, Jimmy, and the Kents who are stuck with a Bad Future because he meddled with the Man of Steel as Superboy. Mxy is such a jerk most of the time, but just this once, he undoes his mischief.
  • "If I Ruled the World". When it looks as though Parasite has zapped Mxy, Superman yells at him for it. He may not like the exasperating little imp, but that doesn't mean he wants him dead.
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  • Same goes for one of Livewire's reappearances, when Luthor zapped her and left her "hardly breathing." The Man of Steel is such a Nice Guy that he even cares about his Rogues Gallery.
  • "Distant Fires": Superman denying Brainiac's assertions that information is more valuable than people (because eventually, all people will be is information) and giving him an ultimatum — let Lois go or he smashes the globe of Krypton's memories. It may be all he has of his home planet, but when Big Blue says that he'll destroy it over the life of a mortal woman, Brainac believes him — and so do we.
  • "While You Were Sleeping". The story shows various inhabitants of Metropolis at night, dreaming of various things...And then it shows that Superman / Clark Kent isn't in bed. He's still up watching over the city.
  • "The War Within":
    • As a crowd watches the doctor prepare to give Superman (who's incredibly close to death at this point) the antidote, a look to the side shows Jimmy yelling at him to hurry it up.
    • The doctor vindicates Superman's faith in him, giving him the antidote rather than a placebo despite having Lex's threats hanging over his head if he fails him.
    • Lois' closing piece about heroes and Superman in particular just melts the heart.
  • "Fury at the Earth's Core": The reader gets a panel of Superman's thoughts during a dangerous moment: his parents (both the Kents and Jor-El and Lara), Batman, Supergirl, Lana Lang, Professor Hamilton, Perry, Lois, and Jimmy.