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Tear Jerker / The Secret History

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In the Novel:

  • Francis recounting his (pretty awful) childhood to Richard, after having a panic attack and making Richard drive him to the hospital.
  • Richard's horror when confronted with Bunny's grieving father.
  • Francis confessing to Richard how much he loves Charles, who has been using him for drunk sex and then refusing to acknowledge it.
  • Henry's disappointment in Julian, even considering what he's capable of as a person, is absolutely heartbreaking.
    Henry: I loved him more than my own father. I loved him more than anyone else in the world.
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  • The ending, particularly Henry's funeral, Francis's suicide attempt and Camilla's refusal of Richard.
  • The various references to Richard's parents—who virtually cut him out of their lives after he leaves for Hampden—and specifically to his abusive father. Toward the end of the book we discover that he was physically as well as verbally abusive, hitting both his wife and his child; the first time Richard ever saw him hit his mother was when she casually remarked on a new addition the neighbors had made to their house, which he took as a negative comment on his abilities as a wage-earner. After being hit she tearfully agrees with him to make him stop. Richard regarded Julian as the only benevolent parental figure in his life.


In the Comic Book:


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