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Tear Jerker / Seraphina

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  • What is done to Orma in Shadow Scale definitely qualifies. The Censors excise him and he has no recollection of Seraphina.
  • Abdo getting depressed after sustaining a serious injury. And just as he is beginning to recover, both emotionally and physically, Jannoula attacks him and drags him back into Heroic BSoD. He spends most of his visit in Porphyry in bed, mentally fighting off Jannoula. Seeing such a perky, cheerful young boy suddenly sink into hopelessness is simply heartbreaking.
    • Speaking of Jannoula, Blanche is actually driven to suicide by the pain Jannoula's attacks caused her.
  • Queen Lavonda's sickness, culminating in her death.
  • Neoduard's death, as well as the effect it had on Blanche, who may have been his closest friend.
  • YMMV, but The Reveal that Glisselda had been in love with Seraphina might be this.
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  • The Epilogue of Shadow Scale, doubling as a Crowing Moment of Heartwarming.

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