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Tear Jerker / The Phantom of the Opera (1962)

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  • The Phantom's backstory. He was a struggling composer named Professor Petrie who went to Lord d'Arcy hoping he would assist him in getting his music published, but ended up being betrayed when d'Arcy claimed the work as his own. Then on top of that his face was horribly scarred in an accident at the printers.
  • Petrie tells Harry and Christine that he knows he's dying, but before he does, he wants to teach Christine to sing so she can star in his opera and he can see it performed. When they don't respond immediately, he then pleads tearfully with them to let him do as he asks.
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  • The aria at the end of the opera about Joan of Arc, sung before she goes to be burned at the stake. The lyrics about how she will face her death with dignity are particularly poignant.
  • The Phantom finally getting to hear his work performed, only to die saving Christine from the falling chandelier.

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