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Tear Jerker / The A-Team

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     Season Two 
The Only Church in Town
  • Face meets up with an old girlfriend, who he calls "the only girl I ever loved." She disappeared fifteen years ago, shortly before he was going to propose to her. As it turns out, she became a nun. Face angrily asks her if she knows how much it hurt him when she just vanished without even bothering to tell him why, which makes her begin to cry.

In Plane Sight

  • While it's not as serious as some others, Hannibal and Murdock's discussion in the plane's cockpit midway through the episode. Hannibal remarks on how different Murdock has been behaving lately. When the pilot says he's attempting to "conform to a more acceptable norm of conduct", Hannibal starts reminiscing about some of the "crazy" things he used to do. Murdock tries to be stoic about his new manner of conduct, but he sounds like he's about to cry.

Curtain Call

  • After being shot (potentially fatally) and barely holding on to consciousness, Murdock murmuring/singing, "if you got a problem/if you got a problem/ it'll go away."
  • Then later in the same episode, Murdock begging Hannibal to leave him, take the rest of the team, and escape.
  • In general, kooky, never-serious Murdock getting weaker and sicker and the rest of the team (especially Hannibal and B.A., who have to stay with him) getting more and more desperate as the episode drags on. It really makes one angry at Decker for being so willing to take advantage of the situation to trap them.

     Season Four 

Lease With an Option to Die

  • Mrs. Baracus' conversation with Hannibal as she relates how B.A.'s situation has affected her. She was just hoping for her son to come home in one piece and be able to have a normal life. Even though she's stoically accepting of it, it clearly isn't easy for her that he can't even come home for Christmas.

Mission of Peace

  • Midway through the episode, the team comes back to the senior home to find it a smoking wreck, with the inhabitants helplessly wandering around the ruins. Babette picks up a damaged picture and says that it used to be a photo of her husband. Ultimately, the team does save the mission, letting them start over, but one can say with near-certainty that the villains' spite destroyed a lot of sentimental, irreplaceable items.

The Sound of Thunder

  • While in Vietnam for a job, the team remembering the war (illustrated by real news footage of the conflict) while "Eve of Destruction" plays is absolutely gut-wrenching.
  • General Fulbright is mortally wounded but gets to tell his long lost Vietnamese daughter that he loves her before dying.
  • Murdock (in an unusually serious and vulnerable tone) asking whether Hannibal thought about the war while they were there, and Hannibal replying stoically that he "remembered it", but he "didn't think about it." The episode closes with close-up of Murdock looking off into space while we hear the sound of helicopter blades (the aural symbol in the episode that one of the team is thinking about the war).
    • Partly explains the ability/inability of each of them to cope. Hannibal could compartmentalize, while Murdock couldn't.